Urgent!!!! Sa se rezolve inecuatiile si sa se interpreteze geometric rezultatele:
A.a)4 x^{2} -19x+12 \leq 0
b)-2 x^{2} +4x+6 \geq 0
c)4 x^{2} -20x+20\ \textgreater \ 0
d)-7 x^{3} +3x-1\ \textless \ 0
B.a)3 x^{2} -7x+6\ \textless \ 2( x^{2} +x-1)
b)x(x-6)<3( x^{2} -6x+6)
c)4x+6-x(2x+3) \geq (x-2)(4x+5)
d)(5x-1)x-10 \leq [ 4x^{2} -(x+1)]

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