1 WORD BANK Read Daisy's
choose the correct answers.
Hi Jodie
This a photo of our new house!
Downstairs, there is are a hall, a kitchen and a big living
room. It's my favourite room. There are two sofas but there
aren't 'some / any armchairs. There are some / any photos
on the walls and there's 3 a/some lovely rug on the floor. In
the kitchen, there his / are a table and four chairs and also
the fridge, cooker and washing machine. Upstairs,
Stheir / there are four bedrooms and a modern bathroom.
My desk in my bedroom is in/ under the window and my
bed is? opposite / in front of the door. There's a chest of
drawers 8 next to / between the wardrobe. Are there
some / any posters on the wall? Of course there 10 is/are!
There are two posters of horses " between / under my
bed and the wardrobe. There 12 are / aren't any books in the
bookcase at the moment. 13 They're / There are in a box
14 behind / on the floor!
Love, Daisy. Varog repede​

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